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Value Partners High-Dividend Stocks Fund Absolute return long-biased equity strategy Asia


Value Partners High-Dividend Stocks Fund

Launch date: Class A1 - 02-09-2002

Share classes Morningstar rating Bloomberg code ISIN code Fund documents
A1 USD   VALASHY HK HK0000288735 More
A1 HKD   VALASHY HK HK0000288735
A Acc RMB Hedged  N/A VALHAHK HK HK0000288719
A Acc RMB Unhedged  N/A VALHAUR HK HK0000288727
A2 MDis USD  N/A VALHYA2 HK HK0000288743
A2 MDis HKD  N/A VALHA2H HK HK0000288784
A2 MDis AUD Hedged  N/A VALHA2A HK HK0000288750
A2 MDis CAD Hedged  N/A VALHA2C HK HK0000288768
A2 MDis GBP Hedged  N/A VALHDSF HK HK0000288776
A2 MDis NZD Hedged  N/A VALHA2N HK HK0000288792
A2 MDis RMB Hedged  N/A VALHRMB HK HK0000288800
A2 MDis RMB Unhedged  N/A VAHYRMB HK HK0000288818

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Month-end portfolio holdings (in English) of the UCITS Compliant Funds and Value Partners Taiwan Fund can be obtained from the Investment Manager upon request to email vpsg-sales@valuepartners.com.sg , subject to a prevailing handling fee chargeable at the Investment Manager’s discretion. The portfolio constituents of Value Partners Global Emerging Market Equity Fund, Value Partners Greater China Equity Fund and Value Partners Taiwan Fund will be provided with one month lag while the portfolio constituents of Value Partners Classic Equity Fund, Value Partners Global Emerging Market Bond Fund and Value Partners Health Care Fund will be provided with two months lag.